Welcome to Miami Tech Works: A Tech Revolution in the Heart of Miami

Miami Tech Works, energized by a significant $10 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Good Jobs Challenge initiative, drives the Miami Tech Talent Coalition. The mission is to actively engage a diverse group of stakeholders – including employers.

Welcome to Miami Tech Works: A Tech Revolution in the Heart of Miami.

Partnership Powerhouse: Collaborating for Tech Talent Excellence

Miami Tech Works exemplifies the power of collaboration, uniting esteemed institutions such as Miami Dade College, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, and OIC of South Florida, among others, with forward-thinking employers in the local tech industry. This groundbreaking initiative is set to transform Miami’s tech landscape by training over 1,000 residents by 2025, equipping them with advanced tech skills, and ensuring that at least 500 transition into high-quality tech jobs. 

Beyond traditional education, Miami Tech Works integrates academic excellence with real-world tech demands, offering comprehensive support and creating a direct pathway to employment. Miami Tech Works is strategically molding Miami into a leading tech hub through a transformative journey that melds academic expertise with the dynamic requirements of the tech industry.

Strategic Leadership: Steering Miami Tech Works Towards Excellence

The success of Miami Tech Works hinges on its strategic leadership, which consists of visionary leaders who skillfully bridge the gap between the tech industry’s demands and academic prowess. This team’s role is pivotal in shaping a workforce ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving tech sector. Their approach is not merely about guidance but about inspiring a new generation of tech professionals poised to contribute significantly to Miami’s tech ecosystem. Their leadership is ensuring that Miami Tech Works sets a benchmark in tech education and industry integration.

The Heart of Collaboration: The Miami Tech Talent Coalition

The Heart of Collaboration: The Miami Tech Talent Coalition serves as the central core of our efforts to nurture and expand Miami’s tech workforce. At MTW, we embrace a multifaceted approach through our four dedicated working groups, addressing the needs of the employers in the region. Each group within the coalition addresses crucial aspects of talent development and industry needs, ensuring a comprehensive strategy.

  • Emerging Tech Talent: This group focuses on preparing early talent through initiatives such as internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level jobs. Our approach involves intentional training programs that equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the tech industry. This group’s pilot program focuses on upskilling and reskilling in the field of AI, as per the request of our coalition employers and training providers.
  • Tech Skills Gap: In line with our commitment to tailored skill development, this group is actively upskilling and reskilling the Miami community in areas like software development and data analytics. We’re aligning with individual employers to meet their specific skill set requirements. For instance, one of our coalition members, a hedge fund, seeks candidates proficient in C++, and we’re dedicated to finding and training suitable individuals.
  • Inclusive Tech Talent Pipeline: Our inclusivity group is deeply engaged in working with coalition employers to identify gaps in their inclusivity efforts. By collaborating closely, we’re ensuring that inclusivity becomes an integral part of their organizational culture, contributing to a more diverse and welcoming tech community.
  • Small Business Capacity Building: Our small business program is not only connecting interns with micro- and small businesses but also fostering mentorship opportunities. Through this initiative, eight employers have volunteered to mentor interns with the hope of offering them full-time employment. This program exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent within our local tech ecosystem.

Events and Opportunities: Beyond Training to Career Launching

Miami Tech Works goes beyond traditional training, offering real-world opportunities like internships, talent town halls, and hiring fairs. These events are not mere formalities but vital stepping stones for careers in Miami’s thriving tech sector.

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech: Enriching Miami’s Tech Ecosystem

Miami Tech Works is committed to diversity and inclusion, recognizing the strength that comes from a varied tech workforce. This commitment is central to the identity and success of the initiative, driving innovation and bringing a range of perspectives and experiences to the forefront of technology.

National Recognition and Funding: Miami’s Moment in the Tech Spotlight

The substantial investment from the U.S. Department of Commerce underscores the local importance of Miami Tech Works as a potential model for future tech hubs in the nation. This funding is a testament to the confidence in its vision and strategy, highlighting Miami’s emerging status as a significant hub in the national and global tech arena, a destination for tech innovation and excellence. Join us in this exciting journey into the future with Miami Tech Works!