Partner with Miami Tech Works to Develop Future Tech Talent

Are you an employer looking to cultivate the next generation of tech talent? Partner with Miami Tech Works to create impactful internship opportunities that benefit both your organization and aspiring tech professionals. Our structured internship program is designed to provide students and recent graduates with hands-on experience, while also delivering valuable contributions to your projects.

How to Get Started

Download this free resource to kickstart your internship program. This outline will guide you and your team in defining the phases and milestones for a successful experience for both your business and your intern.

After completing the outline, share it with us at miamitechworksjobs@mdc.edu or with your preferred training provider within our network. This resource can serve as a syllabus or streamline the creation of your internship program. Together, let’s shape the future of tech talent!

Why Partner with Miami Tech Works?

Access to Top Talent: Connect with motivated and skilled interns who are eager to apply their knowledge and contribute to real-world projects. Miami Tech Works provides a streamlined connection to a diverse pool of high-quality tech talent, simplifying recruitment processes for employers in South Florida.

Structured Program: Our internship program is well-organized and includes clear phases and milestones to ensure productive outcomes. We collaborate with esteemed institutions like Miami Dade College, Florida International University, and others to ensure that interns are well-prepared for the challenges of the tech industry.

Mentorship Opportunities: Provide guidance and support to the next generation of tech professionals, helping them develop their skills and career paths. Through our Tech Talent Pipeline, we offer mentorship programs that connect interns with experienced professionals from various tech fields.

About Miami Tech Works

Miami Tech Works is dedicated to building a sustainable tech talent pipeline that creates economic impact for South Florida employees of all sizes. We actively engage with employers, educators, and community organizations to develop a diverse and inclusive tech workforce. Our initiatives include training programs, internships, and direct connections between employers and potential hires, supported by a significant grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Good Jobs Challenge.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us at miamitechworksjobs@mdc.edu
Let’s shape the future of tech together!

By Jonathan Q. Adell