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Miami Tech Works offers a first of its kind streamlined connection to a diverse pool of high-quality tech talent. We simplify recruitment processes and offer immediate access to skilled candidates.  From summer interns to full-stack engineers, share your organizations' staffing needs, and we will tap our network’s tech talent pipeline to meet your needs.

Our Story

Who we are

Miami Tech Works brings together employers, educators and community-based organizations all focused on one thing: building a sustainable tech talent pipeline that will create economic impact for South Florida employers of all sizes.

We host the Miami Tech Talent Coalition, a business forum incubating ideas for meaningful change in hiring while connecting South Florida employers with an active technology talent pipeline.

Miami Tech Works is funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration's Good Jobs Challenge, which is designed to train Americans for quality positions by developing and enhancing regional workforce training systems.

Digital Fluency

Our distinguished training partners offer cutting-edge training programs that equip participants with the tech skills that drive growth for South Florida employers. 

Our Strategy

Developing Talent, Solving Business Needs

Miami Tech Works facilitates connections between tech-sector employers and talent. For tech employers, we mitigate the costs and risks of training, recruiting and planning for a scalable tech workforce. To aspiring tech talents, our organization offers pathways to a life-changing opportunity: a brighter economic future.


Miami Tech Works … Works!

  • We want to ensure that our workplaces are places that help people feel that they belong so they can thrive as an employee and be promoted, no matter who they are.
    Toia Santamarina, GET Cities Miami
  • The approach that we are taking is the right approach – integrating the private sector very, very closely into this and trying to structure it so that we can take advantage of new hungry talent that wants to get into the field and basically be a highway for them into the positions.
    Charles Irizarry, Brim & Company
  • We are focusing on growing employer connections, and moving the needle on retaining talent here in South Florida in the tech industry.
    Alina Parbtani, Florida International University
Miami Tech Works and the Tech Talent Coalition.
Miami Tech Works and the Tech Talent Coalition.
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