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Opportunity awaits. For ambitious talent who learn new skills, a career in tech can have a big payoff. We can help pivot your professional path, enhance your tech skills, or start a journey in technology from the ground up. Our participants are diverse, motivated learners from various backgrounds who want to change their lives by growing professionally in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

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Discover comprehensive, skill-based programs aimed at propelling you into the forefront of the technology sector

Cybersecurity software development with Miamit Tech Works.

Cybersecurity Software

Cloud computing with Miamit Tech Works.

Cloud Computing

User experience (UX) design with Miamit Tech Works.

User Experience

(UX) Design

Coding and web devlopment with Miamit Tech Works.

Coding and Web

Software development with Miamit Tech Works.

Software Development

Network design and troubleshooting with Miamit Tech Works.

Network Design and

Data analytics with Miamit Tech Works.

Data Analytics

IT operations and technical support with Miamit Tech Works.

IT Operations and
Technical Support

Support Services

Beyond providing technical skills, our partners offer career services and need-based support to remove barriers to entry1

Career Services

Career and support services with Miami Tech Works.

Need-Based Support

Need based support with Miamit Tech Works.
1 Applicable services may vary. Contact a career advisor for more information.

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Feedback From Participants

  • You go from maybe almost kind of having a question of self to really being able to bring your thought and materialize it into the real world and actually become the change.
    Adam Wilson, Program & Project Management Associate
at Accenture, Miami Dade College participant
  • Thought that I was only going to be an admin forever, that there was not a chance for me to make six figures, but this bootcamp made it possible. They encouraged me to be encouraged.
    Desiray Malcolm, Kaseya, Account Manager at Kaseya, Florida Memorial University/Tech Knowledge Participant
  • With the program we started with web fundamentals. We learned how to build static websites, how to add a dynamic element to them, and also how to collaborate with other developers.
    Olgica Zlatkovska, Frontend Developer at VR Real Estate,
BrainStation Miami participant
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